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Mother Nature’s Medicinal Plants for Diabetes

The use of herbs is a time-honoured approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Mother Nature has solutions for treating any biological imbalances.  Her nurturing personality is reflected in herbal medicine. At Potion World we have formulated a laborious record of natural herbs and diseases that has the potential to be an incredibly valuable […]

The Tenacious Horsetails, the Very Old Plants. What Do They Have in Common with Your Healthy Bones?

Horsetail For Skin & Hair Care

When was the last time you went for a walk in the forest to unravel its therapeutic mysteries? Amongst a myriad of medicinal wild plants, one of the most ancient sage plants has been growing wild on earth, long before the human race existed. As archeological evidence suggests, the tenacious Horsetail, or Equisetum, is considered […]

Horsetail – Herbal Solution to Stop Hair Fall and Grow Hair Faster


Growing hair the herbal way Searching for ways to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, will lead you down a rabbit hole of an oversupply of supplements, vitamins and treatments on the market. Leaving you a bit frazzled and unsure of what actually works and whether it’s good for you.  Enter a natural approach […]