Mother Nature’s Medicinal Plants for Diabetes

The use of herbs is a time-honoured approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Mother Nature has solutions for treating any biological imbalances.  Her nurturing personality is reflected in herbal medicine.

At Potion World we have formulated a laborious record of natural herbs and diseases that has the potential to be an incredibly valuable tool to help modern herbalists reach organically grown herbs from any location. Let’s talk about one of the most common diseases of our time: Diabetes. At least 1 in 10 people in your circle of family, friends and acquaintances is likely to be diagnosed with Type A, B or C Diabetic disorder. It’s an interesting phenomena that not so long ago, our ancestors had a cabinet full of herbs in the kitchen that could remedy an issue using knowledge on their fingertips.

What happened to home self care was in parallel to the destruction of natural landscapes, and for the first time in human history, herbalists are acknowledging that a common understanding of eastern and western cures were interlinked. We have explored around 6 uses of natural herbs, each of which can be further customised for the specific needs of the patient. Come let’s explore the healing powers of white mulberry, milk thistle, argan oil, horsetail, jiaogulan and nettle. Instead of having to go to pharmacies and blindly living with conventional medicine,

Potion World finally gives a choice to learn how herbalism has been used as the trusted folk approach to wellness throughout history. In the case of Diabetes, the general impression that comes to mind is the doctor’s reduction of the body’s insulin resistance out of balance. The patient is asked not to consume processed sugars, even though natural sugars can be suitable in very small quantities. Diabetics living in cities find it difficult to access natural food and medicine, let alone healthy diet choices at the grocers. The revival of a much more ecological and folk way of approaching this issue, is exactly what Potion World is interested in.

A Royal History of White Mulberry

The earliest legends of White Mulberry takes us back to Chinese royal gardens, where the birth of the silk industry took place in the aftermaths of Empress Si Ling-Shi’s first encounter with this enchanting plant. The Mulberry Tree also bears its relationship with sacred symbology of being the Tree of Life in the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD). Natural compounds in mulberry can help reduce sugar from entering the body, thereby aiding in weight loss or regulation. It also improves blood circulation and pressure by lowering cholesterol. For a wholesome and rounded diet supplement, White Mulberry tea and dried fruit offer a healthy solution to beat those cravings. Herbalists strongly advice the use of the whole plant to benefit from its nutritional virtues. Mulberry Tea is also a great tonic for hair and skin care. A suitable dietary supplement for anyone who wishes to treat Type 2 Diabetes naturally.

Milk Thistle: Nature’s Little Army of Medicinal Flowers

Welcoming the guardians of liver, Milk Thistle flowers get their name from their milky sap. One powerful constituent in this plant is silymarin that has the potential to reduce blood pressure. Diabetics who have consumed silymarin for four months experience improvements in their glycemic profile.

Argan Oil: The Sustainable Culinary Substitute and Nurturing Body Support Ally

Besides its many aesthetic wonders as a skin and hair ritual, Argan Oil, an extract of the Moroccan tree kernels, this miracle of Mother Nature assists in our cooking too. An essential potion to keep in the kitchen these days. Improve your Diabetic Diet with this highly alimentary plant medicine.

Horsetail: Knight’s Companion

The herbal world has many incredible stories, rarely about living fossils, such as Horsetail. Of its many curative potentials, the most vital mineral called silicon is found densely in this wild European survivor of the day. Great for protecting and growing strong bones, while improving skin and hair, horsetail is highly respected in the herbalist community.

Jiaogulan and Nettle: Humble Beginnings

An ancient Chinese herb Jiaogulan, gives us a good cause to pause for a taste of a miraculous medicine that is still to this day celebrated by eastern herbalists. As an all-over longevity drink, Jaiogulan is a recommended natural healing tea for diabetic people. The surviving herbalists are a new breed of curious individuals who are hungry to learn from Mother Nature herself, we arrive at the balanced insulin processes in the blood.

Women who are interested in learning how to manage the insulin responses in their bodies, can begin by focusing on the stress balancing methods through exercise and light nutritional intake of herbal remedies, such as nettle tea.

A Chef tells Walls Street journal that nettles possess a “bright green note that makes you sit up and pay attention, with a peppery zing.” How would you describe your stinging nettles with a real taste?

Why not compare notes with jiaogulan tea as well? Whatever natural cures and preventative methods we decide to treat diabetes, time has proven natural medicine to be effective and gentle on the body. Herbal approaches to dealing with Insulin Resistance Primary causes of Insulin Resistance in people, in order of significance: Genetics (accounts for 25% of cases) Diet high in simple carbohydrates Lack of protein Lack of exercise Lack of Essential Fatty Acids Too many trans fatty acids in the diet Lack of specific nutrients and trace elements Too much stress Lack of sleep Insulin resistance dramatically changes the body. Amongst creating difficulty in losing weight or obesity, increased risk of various cancers, hypertension, high cholesterol, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, or hypothyroid, an increased risk of Diabetes is also found. We encourage you to consider managing the stress levels arising from your lifestyle, in synchrony with a new herbal diet to balance your blood sugar and insulated.
and more nature conscious diet plan comprised of a combination of herbs that can help you treat your illness with fruits of Mother Nature.


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