Can Chlorella Alone Remove 80% of Harmful Heavy Metals From Your Body?

Heavy Metal Detox

As people are becoming aware of the importance of natural foods, one of the most recent health concerns on the rise is of heavy metal poisoning. But don’t worry, we understand that you, like many people are setting out to learn how to take control of your health naturally. Detoxification is a process that should never be hurried. When we learn how easily we are exposed to toxic metals in our atmosphere and lifestyle, we not only start taking preventative natural approaches to heal with Mother Nature’s superfood, like Chlorella, we can also combine it in our diets with herbs like Coriander, Spirulina, Wild berries, Atlantic dulse and Barley grass (juice). Note that alone Chlorella is irresponsible for protecting the body from the hazards of some heavy metals (like Mercury). Here we can demystify detoxification that something as simple as lemon water for the healing to begin.

What is Chlorella and how does it work?

Chlorella is a green micro algae that contains high amounts of chlorophyl. The process at work when we consume chlorella is called chelation, where certain organic compounds can bind heavy metal ions and help transport them out of the body. This process is best achieved by using a compliment of different foods. In this case Chlorella is very effective if one uses it in conjunction with coriander. Also known as Cilantro, coriander and other compounds with carboxylic acid are good at picking up the heavy metals in our body. This is when you need chlorella to help transport it out of the body. Without chlorella the heavy metals are likely to be reabsorbed into the system. The single-celled freshwater algae, chlorella is among the most ancient lifeforms on earth and has remained unchanged for over 2 billion years. It can be said, that “it harbours the spark that characterised the original creative energy of the planet.”

Now we’re going to look into some of the most common diseases that arise from exposure to toxic metals.

Causes and Diseases of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Of the most highly toxic metals that have been shown to create poisoning due to long term exposure to human bodies, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium and Aluminium. The source of these is usually in our atmosphere or in contaminated water and food (refined and GMOs), industrial paint (lead-based), pollution, smoking, medications, topical creams, pesticides, and radiation.

As an example, Arsenic is the most common heavy metal in the modern day urban environment. It can cause malfunctioning of nerve cells, deterioration of organs and a number of mental health disorders. Many of the diseases are known to scientists and doctors as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, liver failure just to name a few, but a lot of the symptoms are much more complicated and don’t seem to fit the institutionalised pharmaceutical categories of diagnoses. This has left many patients turning to natural heath practitioners after years of consulting different doctors. Here is what they recommend:

Natural methods of heavy metal detoxification

As heavy metals accumulate in our environment, we cannot avoid being exposed to them in cities. Drinking Aloe vera leaf juice and fasting with juices made of celery, cucumbers and apples can be most beneficial. If you decide to take Chlorella, introduce these natural detox approaches into your diet. It is equally important to eliminate genetically modified and processed food. Fruits are always good for you, even when your nutritionist or doctor tells you to avoid fruit sugar – the reason why they tell you to do this is because they are referring to high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and processed sugars. People who have consumed Chlorella say that they experience a boost of energy, and this can also be achieved by eating organic fruits because Glucose fuels the brain, the nervous system, and the cells throughout the body.

Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) to avoid

Amongst all GMO food products, we know that the current markets offering corn, soy, canola oil, processed beet sugar, eggs, dairy, pork, farmed fish, gluten, artificial sweeteners and citric acid is not grown organically. Remember that the health myth is demystified slowly, as you replace the unhealthy eating habits with the organic fruits of Mother Nature.

Make sure to get yourself tested for heavy metal poisoning by a chiropractor or natural health practitioner, using hair, blood or urine analysis. See a dentist to remove mercury (amalgam) fillings if the tooth is unhealthy. Avoid antiperspirants or kitchen utensils containing aluminium. If your problem persists, make sure to have done your natural health research, and see your physician.


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